Big size, huge possibilities: the XLAB range

30 December, 2022

Ceramic is a very easy material to introduce in any project, since its variety of designs, formats and finishes make it a very versatile resource. The pragmatism that prevails in most disciplines, including construction and interior design, leads to the search for new ways of paving and cladding in the most efficient way possible. In this sense, large format ceramics are an interesting tool, since they offer unique results that differentiate them from other formats. These are some of the possibilities offered by the XLAB range of products.

Big impact

Indi Black 260×120 cm.

With more than two and a half meters of height, the large-format slabs generate an enormous visual impact. An effect that is accentuated in the case of collections with striking and exuberant designs, which become a universe of color, shapes and movement.

Integral aesthetics

Promenade Cendre 260×120 cm.

Large formats make it possible to decorate spaces with an integrating visual effect. This is achieved thanks to the continuity of the design, which is maintained by reducing the number of different pieces to the maximum; and the reduction of the joint to the maximum, which does not break with the aesthetics.

Furniture and creativity

Aniksa, applied to wall, countertop and tabletop

Another of the great advantages offered by large format ceramics is the possibility of transforming the huge pieces into all kinds of furniture. Tables, countertops or cut-to-size elements for bed headboards, etc. The possibilities end where creativity ends.

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