Ceramic trends for 2023

30 December, 2022

The arrival of a new year is always a time to think on the prevailing trends in each sector. In the case of ceramics, it is not only a matter of anticipating aesthetics, designs and graphic motifs, but also materials, features and performance. For this reason, at AB we have gathered some of the trends that will mark the ceramic sector during 2023.

Minimalist harmonies

Wall: Stryn 60×120 cm. , Feel Stryn 60×120 cm. ― Floor: Promenade Cendre 120×120 cm.

Although 2023 will be a year with a great variety of styles, “less is more” will be one of those that will prevail. Monochromatic basics, neutral tones and subtle designs will draw spaces with harmony based on simplicity.

Natural aesthetics

Wall: Listone Nobile Greige 33,3×100 cm. Kingstone Cream 33,3×100 cm. ― Floor: Kingstone Cream 60×120 cm.

Los diseños cerámicos inspirados en materiales naturales seguirán estando muy presentes en 2023, igual que lo han estado en los últimos tiempos. En este caso, habrá que prestar una especial atención a la combinación de texturas e inspiraciones diferentes dentro de un mismo espacio. La madera y la piedra, los grandes protagonistas.

Thickened ceramic for outdoors

Floor: Tuscany Bone 120×120 cm. Espesorado Anti-slip.

Following the line of exploiting the natural to the maximum, outdoor spaces will gain more prominence than ever. For this reason, 20 mm thick ceramic tiles will be a key element, as they offer much better performance than normal ceramic tiles for outdoor use.


Wall: Siena White Pulido Slim 60 x 120 cm. ― Floor: Siena White Pulido Slim 60×120 cm.

A trend that not only applies to the ceramics sector, architecture or interior design. In an increasingly conscious and aware society, the commitment to sustainable practices is becoming more and more common in all areas. In this sense, thin ceramic tile allows paving and cladding while minimizing the impact, since less material is used and the weight is reduced, which is also reflected in lower logistics costs.

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