The 3 advantages of outdoor ceramics: terraces, balconies, gardens…

16 July, 2021

Summer invites to enjoy the outdoor spaces, both in homes and in leisure venues, swimming pools or public places. The terraces, balconies and gardens take centre stage and it is important to know how to “dress” them properly. For this, there is no material like outdoor ceramics, but what characteristics does it have to be such a preferential option for builders, decorators and architects?

Azulejos Benadresa has an extensive range of ceramic products for flooring and exterior coating. It should be noted that among the different types of ceramics that exist, the best option for outdoor environments is porcelain, since it presents a greater strength and durability than the collections of red paste and white paste.


Ceramic is one of the materials that best withstand the passage of time, weight and weather conditions without showing any wear, which makes it perfect for exterior covering and paving, as they are usually more exposed to these stimuli.


Ceramic tiles have minimal porosity and barely absorb water, giving them great impermeability that helps them withstand frost and sudden temperature changes. In addition, this also makes them very easy to clean.


Ceramic designs can be inspired by any material, with any color, tone and finish. This provides enormous freedom when designing spaces, giving the option to play with formats and different patterns to create the desired effects in each atmosphere.

As added, one of the main features that is recommended for the use of outdoor ceramic is that it is non-slip. Outdoor ceramic floors are always exposed to water, so it is important to make sure that despite being wet they have sufficient traction to prevent accidents. Azulejos Benadresa has the Abstract collection, which has a special non-slip model for this type of use.

One of the Azulejos Benadresa’s novelties of this year that adapts more and better to outdoor spaces is Piatra, a collection inspired by stone to decorate with naturalness and elegance. Its three colors, Silver, Sand and Grey, are available in smooth design and in two models that feature graphic pattern: Path and Mirach.