The advantages of thickened porcelain tile for outdoor use

8 June, 2023

Thickened porcelain is a versatile and increasingly popular material in the construction and interior design industry. Its unique combination of elegance, durability, and resistance makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from floor and wall coverings to countertops and facades. In this article, we will explore the advantages of this innovative material and why it is gaining more and more followers in the world of design.

1. Unmatched resistance

Flooring: Tuscany Pearl 120×120 cm. Thickened Anti-slip

One of the main advantages of thickened porcelain is its exceptional resistance. This type of porcelain is manufactured by compressing layers of clay and minerals at high temperatures, resulting in an extremely dense and compact slab. This unique molecular structure provides superior resistance to abrasion, stains, impacts, and moisture. Additionally, thickened porcelain is also resistant to temperature changes, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications.

2. Design versatility

Flooring: Promenade Creme 60×120 cm. Thickened Anti-slip.

Another notable advantage of thickened porcelain is its wide range of designs and finishes. Thanks to technological advancements in the ceramic industry, this material can accurately replicate the appearance of other materials, such as natural stone. This means you can achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising the durability and properties of thickened porcelain.

3. Easy maintenance

Flooring: Promenade Grey 80×80 cm. Thickened Anti-slip

Thickened porcelain is a low-maintenance material that offers easy cleaning and care. Its non-porous surface prevents liquid absorption and reduces the accumulation of dirt and stains, making it easy to clean with common household products. Additionally, due to its resistance to harsh chemicals, thickened porcelain is not easily damaged by abrasive cleaners, ensuring long-term durability.

Thickened porcelain has become an increasingly popular choice in interior design and construction due to its numerous advantages. Its unmatched resistance, design

versatility, size and thickness, as well as easy maintenance, make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects.

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