Tips for creating a design bathroom in 2023

12 May, 2023

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms in the home when it comes to creating design spaces. However, you can get a lot out of it both practically and aesthetically by applying some simple principles. Here are some tips for decorating bathrooms according to the latest trends in interior design.

Combine textures

Wall tiles: Nobile Greige 33.3 x 100 cm. Kingstone Cream 33.3 x 100 cm. ― Floor tiles: Kingstone Cream 60×120

Ceramic collections inspired by materials are currently a trend that is very present in interior design. Combining inspirations such as stone and wood is a very interesting resource for finding harmonies and nuances.

Use of decor tiles

Wall tiles: Kingstone Ash 33.3 x 100 cm., Freccia Kingstone Ash 33.3 x 100 cm. ― Floor tiles: Kingstone Ash 60 x 120 cm.

A subtle contrast that is also very effective is to use a model with a decorated tile from the same collection to cover one of the walls. In this way, movement and dynamism are added that cannot be achieved with any other aesthetic resource.

Horizontal lighting

Wall tiles: Pietra Antica Cenere 80 x 160 cm. ― Floor tiles: Pietra Antica Cenere 80 x 80 cm. Rectified.

Bathrooms are often located in places where natural light is not abundant, so it is essential to think about how the room will be lit. In recent years, horizontal lighting has gained strength, which through LEDs achieves a modern and cozy atmosphere by integrating light into furniture.

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