AB Novelties 2022: stone inspirations

11 October, 2022

Last September, AB presented its new collections at Cersaie 2022. Under the claim The beauty of origins, AB rescued the essence of natural materials, with timeless inspirations that are a meeting point between design and nature and that accentuate the most decorative aspect of ceramics. Among the inspirations that best represent this concept, the stone stands out above all, with an elegant and eternal style. These are AB’s stone-inspired novelties.

Pietra Antica

Wall tiles: Pietra Antica Nero 80 x 160 cm. ― Floor: Pietra Antica Nero 80 x 80 cm. Rectificado.

Pietra Antica recovers the aesthetic of the first stone constructions and brings it to the present to print a traditional style, pleasant and natural.


Wall tiles: Kingstone Ash 33,3×100 cm., Freccia Kingstone Ash 33,3 x100 cm. ― Floor: Kingstone Ash 60×120 cm.

The enormous presence of the stone and its neutral and timeless appearance build an exceptional collection, elegant and versatile. Kingstone brings together the aesthetic features of the most exclusive stone and exploits them to get the most out of it in interior design.


Floor: Promenade Creme 60×120 cm. Espesorado Anti-slip

The rough look of the stone, shaped by time and erosion, are combined in the nuanced design of Promenade, a collection that offers a world of possibilities.


Floor: Tuscany Bone 120×120 cm. Espesorado Anti-slip

Tuscany captures the most sober essence of the Mediterranean aesthetic and puts it at the service of design. A collection in which the wild appearance of natural stone and its worn effect converge in a strong model, made to stand out.

Among AB’s new stone-inspired proposals, Tuscany and Promenade also feature thickened models. 20 mm thick parts that are perfect for outdoor use thanks to their strength, durability and non-slip finish. Characteristics that are expressed in three formats, 80×80 cm., 60×120 cm. and 120×120 cm., to complete two of the new series. To learn more about these and other AB novelties, visit our product page and download our latest catalog.