AB’s new proposals captures the attention of the visitors at Cersaie 2023

29 September, 2023

Azulejos Benadresa (AB) bids farewell to another edition of Cersaie after five days of great sensations at the booth. A space that showcased the possibilities of the brand’s new collections and welcomed a large number of visitors throughout the week.

AB presented in Bologna a very comprehensive proposal with new series that explore various sources of inspiration and encompass a wide variety of formats. Models that have sparked the interest of visitors at a booth that focused on the contrasts between different aesthetic styles, always in service of the latest trends in interior design. AB’s new offerings capture the essence of stone, marble, and cement, materials that span from classical to contemporary architecture through ceramic designs.

Marbles have caught the attention of customers and industry professionals through very different concepts. Finezza represents the classic style of white marble, reinvented through a very subtle veining. Meanwhile, Saphire has generated many reactions with its exuberant tone and bold colors. Similar to the contrasts between the classic styles of the Acadia and Palatinum series, inspired by stone and travertine marble respectively, and Industrial Hall, a series that reinterprets cement-inspired ceramics with subtle colors to create a very versatile proposal.

Cersaie 2023 has been a highly satisfying experience, reuniting with customers and other professionals from around the world at one of the most important events in the ceramic industry.