Azulejos Benadresa adapts to the growth of the brand by expanding its tile exhibition

4 August, 2021

Azulejos Benadresa continues in full process of growth and expansion. This week the company has inaugurated a new tile exhibition space of 175 m² in its facilities in Vilafamés, which add to the 300 m² already existing and which were already renovated and expanded in 2019.

The aim of this new exhibition area, which is an extension of the current exhibition, is to respond to the enormous growth that the brand has had over the past year. This important evolution has brought about a remarkable growth of the catalogue, which has led Azulejos Benadresa to expand its sample space to accommodate new collections and offer a better service and a more complete product presentation to its customers.

The new exhibition area is designed to house mainly large-format collections. Up to 12 new models that could not be found in the old tile exhibition or that appeared with another color or finish. In this way, Azulejos Benadresa significantly increases the number of products on display to give a better coverage of its ever-expanding catalog.


Marble is the great protagonist of this new exhibition space, with more than half of the new models inspired by this material.


An elegant and sober series inspired by Travertine marble and whose polished Ivory model looks in the bathroom atmosphere of the exhibition.


In the kitchen we find Ravenna, a calacatta with gold veins and a heterogeneous drawing that creates very interesting patterns.


The cold colours of this series already appeared in the current exhibition, but this extension has been used to show in the kitchen the warm colours with a natural finish.


It appears as cladding in living room environment with its blanc and noir models. Combined with Norwik, which we’ll talk about later, its veins create very striking patterns on the wall.


A very glamorous and sophisticated collection, with black tones combined with a heterogeneous pattern of lighter colors that create extraordinary designs. As a particularity, a piece of this exclusive series has served as a table of a table of its own design for the living room environment.


It shines on the staircase with two formats (60×120 and 240×120) of its White version, both in polished and natural.


A very special piece from the exhibition. Icarus becomes a work of art with two blue panels that are framed, as if they were part of the decoration of the space. Intense colors and a very striking design to create extraordinary patterns.


The wooden inspirations occupy a large part of the floors of the new exhibition through two series:


The main floor and the staircase area have in their pavement the Natural model, while in the kitchen we find the Oak model, both in pieces of 20×120.


On the platform of the staircase we find the model Walnut of the Kayu series, also in parts of 20×120.



Norwik’s Natural and Mate finishes join Daren to add a touch of sobriety and sophistication to the living room atmosphere.



Cold stone-inspired tones with two formats: 80×160 cm and 25×25 cm. This series is also available in 60×60 cm and 30×60 cm formats.



This particular collection with metal inspiration could already be found in the current exhibition, but on this occasion we have the opportunity to see in the atmosphere the Copper Lapado model, which combined with Daren Noir creates a very aesthetic environment.

The new tile exhibition is now open and ready to receive visitors. In total, almost 500 m² of showroom with the most exclusive collections of Azulejos Benadresa.