Back to basics. The potential of monochromatic ceramics

28 July, 2022

Why change something that already works? At a time when natural inspirations, soft aesthetics and minimalist concepts are a trend, monochromatic ceramics is a very valuable tool, as it allows to create relaxed, soft ambients, with a lot of potential to print your own style. These are some proposals to achieve design spaces through monochrome collections.

Black & White

This trend appears in a meeting point between tradition and modernity. A safe bet that avoids neutral tones to look for a classic contrast, but very effective and still valid.

A style that allows creating unique synergies between floors, walls and decorative elements within the spaces.

Black 260×120 cm.

Warmth and brightness

Going into the neutral tones we find the possibility of giving a warmer, cozy and homey air. Colors that travel between brown and beige and provide a huge feeling of warmth, squeezed to the maximum by the absence of grain, pattern or design. This idea is multiplied with large-format slabs, which minimize even the joint for a cleaner result.

If black and white seek, especially when presented together, to cause an impact on the look, neutral tones seek the opposite. A discreet style that gives prominence to the decoration and other elements of the ambient.

Cream 260×120 cm.

Industrial style: modern minimalism

The plain backgrounds of the monochromatic tiles are blank canvases to print the desired style to each space simply by varying the color. A good example of this are the silver or bronze tones, which without design, brightness or texture can transmit a very interesting metallic effect.

The Silver collection perfectly represents this concept. Just with a silver background it is able to grant an industrial but minimalist appearance, able to combine with other ceramic inspirations, such as cement, and with metallic furniture to create a great impact.

Silver 260×120 cm

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