Bathroom tiles: the best marble concepts

24 August, 2021

Today, interior design plays with various materials, designs, colors and finishes. The bathroom environments have historically followed a very marked aesthetic, but it is increasingly common to see riskier bets that deviate from the usual trends. Ceramic inspired by marble is still the star of this type of space, but there is a world of possibilities to give bathrooms both traditional and groundbreaking styles. These are the best marble bathroom tiles.

Ravena, traditional style marble

Ravena is a calacatta type marble with a traditional design, with white background and dark but very subtle veins that fill the piece with nuances and depth.

Ravena Natural 206×120 cm and 120×120 cm.

It is a very versatile collection that is available in Natural and Polished finish in seven formats: 30×90 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, 80×80 cm, 80×160 cm, 120×120 m and 260×120 cm. Inside the 30×90 cm format is the Hit Ravenna model, with a very interesting texture to give a touch of originality and create more special corners.

Newbury, a beige full of class

This collection combines the design of traditional marble with a beige tone that gives it personality and distinction. Newbury and its Polished finish are elegance and sophistication for all kinds of spaces. Why not try the bathroom?

Newbury 120×240 cm.

It is also available in white in nine formats: 15×30 cm, 30×60 cm, 30×90 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, 80×80 cm, 80×160 cm, 120×120 cm and 2120×240 cm. The three smaller formats have the models Heritage, Decor Dune, Essen and Graz, with forms and reliefs full of dynamism.

Tessino, intensity and depth

An elegant and versatile marble with a wide range of colors adorned with white veins that fill it with nuances. From the intensity of Black or Bronze to the softness of Ivory or Smoke.

Tavi Tessino Ivory 15×15 cm.

It is available in ten colours and in nine formats: 15×15 cm, 30×60 cm, 40×120 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, 80×80 cm, 80×160 cm, 120×120 cm and 260×120 cm. The small formats have three embossed models: Tavi, Strass and Izin.

Icaro, art in its purest form

The most exclusive marble, with blue background and a universe of veins that bring depth and awaken creativity. There is also the Dark model, where the elegance and dark intensity of black are decorated with veins that draw extraordinary patterns.

AB will present a new colour of Icaro at Cersaie 2021, which will be held between 27 September and 1 October. Musk, a deep and creative design in an intense green with veins.
Available in 60×120 cm, 120×120 cm and 260×120 cm formats.