Ceramics with visual textures: concepts and proposals

9 March, 2023

Advances in ceramic printing techniques make it possible to create hyper-realistic designs that perfectly reproduce different effects and capture the desired styles in detail. In the case of collections whose design is based on natural elements, visual textures are very important, as they bring realism and presence to the environments. These are some proposals of series that reproduce materials with very detailed visual textures that achieve a very interesting aesthetic effect.


Wall tiles: Kingstone Ash 33,3×100 cm., Freccia Kingstone Ash 33,3×100 cm. ― Floor: Kingstone Ash 60×120 cm.

The enormous presence of the stone and its neutral and timeless appearance build an exceptional, elegant and versatile collection. Kingstone brings together the aesthetic characteristics of the most exclusive stone and exploits them to make the most of it in interior design.

Metallic: RHODIUM

Wall tiles: Rhodium Iron 260×120 cm. ― Floor: Rhodium Iron 120×120 cm.

A versatile metallic design that combines the best of natural and industrial aesthetics. With four colors and three sizes, Rhodium is a collection with great possibilities to give spaces a modern and particular style.


Floor: Timelesswood Olive 20×120 cm.

The eternal essence of wood pervades the design of a collection that is soft and pleasant, but with a strong presence. Timelesswood is a unique series to capture the exceptional natural aesthetics of wood with the excellent performance of porcelain.

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