Design tips for decoration of terraces

25 July, 2022

During the months of good weather, the terraces and patios are claimed as outdoor rest areas in which to spend moments of relaxation and disconnection. Therefore, it is essential that these outdoor spaces have their own coherent style. Every home and every project is different, but there are some guidelines that can be followed to get outdoor design areas.

Go natural

A timeless trend, although now more present than ever, is the combination of natural elements. Furniture made with organic materials, plants, water and, of course, ceramics with natural inspirations, such as stone or wood.

A light and soft stone like Piatra gives the terrace a very special luminosity, which together with its neutral appearance, allows the rest of the elements to fit together in a very coherent way, drawing pleasant and very welcoming spaces.

Piatra Sand 80×160 cm.

Save a space for vegetation

Plants bring life to any home, but not only from an aesthetic perspective. They also help to clean the air, regulate humidity and refresh the environment, something tremendously valuable if you live in a hot area.

In the gardens it is usual to have grass and even trees, but in the courtyards it is somewhat more complicated by a matter of space. However, it is worth making room to place some pots, aromatic plants or small trees, as they enhance the natural aesthetic and offer a harmonious and relaxing style.

Avenue 60×60 cm.

When in doubt… back to basics

Do not hesitate to get creative when decorating your terrace, but if you do not know well what style you want to give or do not want to risk, do not take risks. The basic, white, black and grayscale, can achieve stylish spaces in a simple and minimalist way.

For this, white furniture is key, as it combines very well with virtually any color palette and allows you to create contrasts with the other decorative elements. As an example, this terrace dressed in different colors of the Toga series.

Toga 240×120 cm.

Neutral colors, natural inspirations, vegetation… there are as many terraces as styles, you just have to find one and apply it consistently. To find inspiration, we invite you to review our catalogs and search for your solution on our product page. It’s time to create.