Exuberant marbles, an important trend of 2022

4 May, 2022

Every year interior design brings new trends that build new ways of conceiving spaces from an aesthetic criterion. 2022 is no exception and in the first months of the year some designs, colors and styles have already begun to gain strength that will set trends in the coming months. Being a timeless material and very susceptible to new designs, marble is carried away by exuberance to bring spaces full of presence, distinction and personality.

Galery 120×120 cm

Complex and eye-catching designs. These new marbles, which are treading so hard, flee from the sober style to embrace a more dynamic, daring and sophisticated tone. What is sought are unique and heterogeneous patterns that propose a strong and captivating visual effect.

Aniksa 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm

The chromatic variety presented by these exuberant collections shows that luxury and distinction can be conveyed with any color, although in recent times colors inspired by nature, such as blue, green or brown, are standing out. Normally, this type of marble has a predominant color and two, three or even four secondary colors that draw very interesting veining and shadows.

Queen Sky 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm

These striking marbles can be fitted into any type of space, but living rooms are usually the most suitable space, since they are large spaces that enhance the designs on the one hand and the magnitude of the pieces on the other. And it is that exuberance is not only presented through design, but also through large formats. AB has its XLAB range, porcelain tiles to cause great impacts with models in 260×120 cm and 240×120 cm.

Riyadh 60×60 cm

Most of the new marbles that are capturing the attention of architects and interior designers have a shine that makes them even more striking. In this sense, the polished finish is the main protagonist when it comes to impressive styles loaded with luxury.

Indi Green 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm

The calendar of international events in the ceramic sector was opened a few weeks ago at Coverings. Las Vegas welcomed the main firms, who presented their work and began to show the main trends of this year. Trends that materialized in new and striking marbles such as Aniksa or Indi Green, two of the latest AB collections that were present at its stand. Two designs that fit perfectly into this stylistic line that has burst in so strongly at the beginning of the year 2022.