Interior design trends for 2024

20 January, 2024

In the world of interior design, the arrival of a new year is a good time to anticipate and analyse the trends that will be most relevant in the coming months. This 2024 presents itself as a year of contrasts where both simple styles like modern minimalism and more expressive ones will find a place. Here are some important interior design trends to consider in 2024.

Multifunctional environments

Wall Covering: Industrial Hall Light Grey 60 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Industrial Hall Light Grey 120 x 120 cm.

The perception of home evolves alongside lifestyle habits and contemporary architectural trends. The creation of open spaces has removed barriers between environments, providing homes with light and spaciousness while also leading to the conceptualization of multifunctional areas that serve as the center for various leisure and well-being activities. Many spaces embrace a comprehensive design that promotes shared living and allows for a versatility that will gain even more strength in 2024.

Innovative textures

Wall Covering: Rhodium Brass 260 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Rhodium Brass 120 x 120 cm.

While natural textures such as wood or stone will continue to be significant, the major innovation of 2024 is the embrace of more innovative textures, such as metal. Spaces will adopt more industrial concepts in an attempt to create hybrid atmospheres that combine the natural comfort with the expressive and design elements of more creative components.

Trendy colors

Similar to textures, the colors that will define 2024 take two different paths.

Nature-inspired neutral tones

Wall Covering: Palatinum Bone 260 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Palatinum Bone 120 x 120 cm.

Terracotta, earth, soft greens… natural tones will not lose their strength in 2024. Neutral and pleasant palettes provide an air of calm and well-being that remains highly valued by interior designers, who will not compromise visual comfort this year.

Vibrant and lush colors

Wall Covering: Saphire Rose Polished 260 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Saphire Rose Polished 120 x 120 cm.

Simultaneously, more expressive colors will find a place in space design. Cheerful and dynamic proposals like onyx marble, which adopts different tones, offering a very extensive range of styles, will be one of the interior design trends that will be widely discussed.

Connection between indoors and outdoors

Flooring: Tuscany Bone 120 x 120 cm. Thickness Anti-slip.

Following the biophilic design trend, increasingly widespread, the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces blur, so that rooms increasingly incorporate natural elements traditionally associated with outdoor areas. It is also common to work on the transitions from home to the outside, ensuring aesthetic continuity that brings coherence to the environments.

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