Karma, a collection of the present created for the future

27 July, 2021

Azulejos Benadresa has recently launched its new collection Karma, a series of white paste coating in small format (7.5×30 cm) that comes to complete its collections of the XSAB range and is available in eight different colors.

Karma is a collection inspired by the way the present actions transcend into the future. It is a series whose axis is the balance between colors, shapes and textures, with finishes that invite you to create spaces with your own energy and that awaken all the senses.

Craftsmanship, small format and multiple placement possibilities for the interior cladding. Karma, with its irregular texture and destonified finish, is designed to create distinguished spaces with character.

A world of possibilities

With eight colors in very different tones and nuances, Karma is a very versatile collection that fits in any environment. From White to Black, through Pergamon, Musk, Lead, Fall, Turquoise and Green, each color brings a different air and a force of its own to the spaces.

In addition, the small format gives a lot of freedom to create different drawings. Karma can be placed horizontally, vertically, diagonally or mixed, which helps to build environments charged with dynamism.

Small format for large projects

Like good fragrances, Karma comes in a small jar. A type of format that makes it perfect for interior design projects that seek to create spaces full of personality, thanks to both its intense colors and its glossy finish with chameleon effect on the edges.

One of the most important aspects of this collection full of intensity and dynamism is its exclusive relief, which gives it a greater presence and enhances the effect of the drawing that you want to create through its placement.

Karma has come to stay charged with intensity and energy.