Less is more: minimalism and the beauty of origins

9 March, 2023

When it comes to designing environments that convey an air of calm and tranquility, especially in the case of homes and residential spaces, minimalism is a decorative resource that never goes out of fashion. Through a few basic fundamentals you can create pleasant and cozy atmospheres. Several of our latest collections are based on this concept, so it is worth reviewing the possibilities of “less is more”.

Subtle design, the value of monochromatics

Wall tiles: Stryn 60×120 cm., Feel Stryn 60×120 ― Floor: Promenade Cendre 120×120 cm.

This trend is represented by simple designs, with little grain and very harmonious visual effects. Monochromatic series, such as Stryn, allow for continuity of style throughout the environment and break it up from time to time with subtle reliefs that add a very interesting touch of dynamism.

Neutral colors and natural inspirations

Wall tiles: Pietra Antica Crema 33,3×100 cm. Strokes Pietra Antica Crema 33,3×100 cm. ― Floor: Pietra Antica Crema 120×120 cm

Nothing inspires more tranquility than nature. For this reason, ceramic designs inspired by materials such as wood or stone have gained great importance in recent times. This, together with the use of neutral colors that transmit calm and serenity, has become a valuable resource for architects and interior designers.

Matt finish

Wall tiles: Rhodium Aluminium 260×120 cm. ― Floor: Rhodium Aluminium 120×120 cm

When choosing a finish for this type of environment, matt finish is always a more discreet and subtle option, since polished and shiny finishes stand out more and are associated with other types of more striking designs. Even if you are looking for a more daring inspiration, such as metallic, a matt finish and a correct choice of color brings that so valuable serene and minimalist style.

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