Neutral colors, the key to spaces of peace and tranquility

23 January, 2023

Colors are capable of profoundly influencing the mood. They can produce irritability, indifference or sadness; but also calm, peace and tranquility. This is the case of neutral colors, which contain a low intensity and saturation that allows them to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. These are some of AB’s latest proposals that make the most of neutral colors.

Wall: Nobile Greige 33,3×100 cm. Kingstone Cream 33,3×100 cm. Floor: Kingstone Cream 60×120 cm.

The combination of different natural textures enhances the effect of neutral colors, since stone or wood are elements that produce a deep harmony.

Wall: Pietra Antica Crema 260×120 cm. Floor: Pietra Antica Crema 120×120 cm.

The bedroom is a placed linked with rest, so it is essential that, in addition to having a correct layout that allows it to be attractive and functional, it is able to provoke sensations. Cream colors offer an aesthetic that blends the best of natural inspirations and the most avant-garde principles of interior design.

Floor: Tuscany Pearl 120×120 cm. Espesorado Anti-slip.

The use of stone-inspired ceramics makes the most sense in the case of outdoor areas, where neutral and natural styles predominate thanks to their ability to create the most authentic atmospheres. AB has a range of 20 mm thick porcelain tiles that offer extraordinary performance for outdoor use.

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