Terraces with neutral tones to light up the summer

26 May, 2022

Summer has arrived to remind us once again of the importance of having a terrace with its own style, pleasant and cozy to enjoy the hot months. There are a series of elements that help to achieve this, such as the distribution of the space or the decoration, but there is one that stands out above the rest: the tones. Neutral colors that help create atmospheres of tranquility, serenity and peace through different concepts, materials and inspirations. These are some ceramic proposals to achieve an incomparable and luminous Mediterranean air in outdoor spaces.

Sandy colors are the best way to represent the coastal style that works so well to enjoy the terraces during the summer months. Cozy concepts full of light that travel between very soft warm tones that give a subtle and relaxed air.

Abstract Sand 60×60 cm

One of the most important aspects of choosing neutral tones for terraces is that they give them a natural look, far from the exuberance of more intense colors or more striking designs. For this reason, combining this type of collection with vegetation and other natural materials such as wood accentuates its effect and draws spaces full of harmony.

Reims Ivory 80×80 cm

Neutral tones have a powerful integrating effect that makes them perfect for creating a feeling of spaciousness. A very interesting proposal is to give continuity to the facade and extend its scope to the terrace to form part of an everything.

Dorex Smoke 60×120 cm. Dorex Smoke 80×80 cm

But continuity can not only occur between different outdoor areas. It is increasingly common for the barriers between interior and exterior spaces to be blurred, giving rise to transitions that maintain the same tone between rooms to connect terraces with other environments.

Reims Ivory 120×120 cm

Luminosity, harmonies and coherence in style to enjoy exceptional terraces during the months of good weather. These are some of AB’s proposals for decorating outdoor spaces, with many other collections inspired by wood, stone or cement waiting in our general catalogue.