Textured Bathrooms: 4 Decorative Inspirations

29 May, 2022

Ceramic is a material with infinite possibilities. Its versatility arises from the variety of inspirations, formats, colors and designs that the tiles are capable of housing, which allows them to represent any style in any type of room. Relief models are an interesting way to break the monotony and awaken creativity thanks to textures that captivate and give a more dynamic tone to spaces. On this occasion, we show some textured ceramic proposals for the bathroom.

We start with a classic material, but with a very defined and particular style. NEWBURY is a marble that breaks the classic white in a soft and very careful way. Its Essen model features a series of scales that not only give the piece three-dimensionality, but also enhance the play of brightness of its polished finish. This proposal is available in 30×90 cm format.

Essen Newbury 30×90 cm

Keeping the sandy tones, but this time taking inspiration from stone, KARELIAN Sand appears, which with its Tuk model proposes a more sober style. Its hard aspect combines with a more accentuated relief to attract attention and become the protagonist of the space. Like Essen Newbury, this model is also available in a 30×90 cm format.

Tuk Karelian Sand 30×90 cm

INNOVA presents a style similar to Karelian, but this time inspired by cement. This collection also presents a sober style, enhanced by its greyish tone, which breaks the monotony thanks to its Stuck model. A design reminiscent of a brick wall in which there are different levels of relief, achieving a unique effect.

Stuck Innova Grey 30×60 cm

Finally, a bit of minimalist style thanks to STRYN. A basic that bases its appeal on the purity of white and the dynamism that its models with relief provide. In this case, we show Shutter, which conveys order and symmetry; but it also has a model of irregular lines and another that imitates the shape of leaves.

Shutter Stryn 30×90 cm

Different proposals with different inspirations to make the most of the versatility of bathroom ceramics. If you want to know more AB products, consult our general catalog or visit our products page.