Embossed ceramics, decorative and differentiating textures

23 January, 2023

One of the main characteristics of white body ceramics is its versatility when it comes to creating highly decorative designs with subtlety and class. Embossed models are the perfect example of this, as they play with textures, tones and patterns to offer a more cheerful and differentiating air. These are some proposals of ceramics with relief in 2023.

Wall: Promenade Gris 40 x 120 cm. Trace Promenade Gris 40 x 120 cm. Floor: Promenade Gris 80 x 80

Embossed ceramics are used as a complement. A point of originality that breaks with homogeneity to offer different and attractive spaces, full of decorative nuances.

Wall: Lane Nobile Roble 60×120 cm. ― Floor: Kingstone Cream 60×120 cm

Another sign of the versatility offered by white body is the realism of its different natural inspirations. Thanks to this characteristic, it is possible to achieve, for example, an extraordinary wood effect with three-dimensional designs.

Wall: Kingstone Ash 33,3×100 cm., Freccia Kingstone Ash 33,3 x100 cm. Floor: Kingstone Ash 60×120 cm.

Designs end where creativity ends. White body offers absolute freedom to draw the most dynamic and decorative patterns.

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