The latest news from Azulejos Benadresa, on their virtual tour

26 February, 2021

In an unprecedented context, Azulejos Benadresa has adapted in recent months to the limitations and particularities generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced companies to look for new formulas to approach their customers. Due to the impossibility of showing its products at international fairs, the company decided to launch a virtual tour with all its novelties after the cancellation of Cevisama 2021.

A simulation of its stand with 15 environments that show the latest proposals of the brand and allow you to observe them closely with a complete perspective and information about each collection. This solution served to connect with customers around the world and offer them the possibility to visit the brand’s stand despite not being able to do it in person.

A visit full of possibilities 

In order to offer as complete an experience as possible to its customers, the virtual tour of Azulejos Benadresa offers visitors a 360º view of the stand and its spaces, as well as technical information about the product and the available formats.

In addition, the user has the possibility to access larger virtual environments where they can learn more details about the collection, change the color and even download technical sheets.

Predominance of marble 

The collections inspired by marble have a great role in the virtual tour of Azulejos Benadresa. A total of eight series of the 15 that can be visited are inspired by this select and distinguished material, which takes shape in designs as exclusive as Irham, Ravena, Marmara, Queen, Tessino, Newbury, Firenze or Icaro Blue.

But marble is not the only material represented in the virtual exhibition. Also present are the inspirations in cement, with Abstract and Norwik; stone, with Karelian and Piatra; and wood, with Kayu, Garoe and Ewood.

Virtual tools 

The virtual tour is not the only simulator of environments that Azulejos Benadresa offers to its customers. On the website, users can also enjoy 3D Superb, a program that allows them to design three-dimensional environments with the brand’s products. The program has two versions; Home, with access for any type of user; and Pro, reserved for professionals.

Azulejos Benadresa continues to grow with innovation, not only in its products, but also in the way of showing them to the world. The virtual tour, and also 3D Superb, are two tools that mark the path of the ceramic sector in terms of product promotion. Two solutions that make it easy to reach customers around the globe with just one click.