How to create a design terrace in 2023: tips, concepts and proposals

24 April, 2023

With the arrival of spring and good weather, terraces become spaces for relaxation where one can enjoy your leisure time, eat, or simply relax outdoors. It is important to make the most of these spaces and create a cozy and attractive place. Here are some very interesting proposals for decorating a designer terrace and turning it into an outdoor oasis.

Natural style

Promenade Cendre 120×120 cm espesorado anti-slip

Just as in the conception of any other design space, it is essential for terraces to follow a style that is consistent with the desired results. In this case, if the goal is to create spaces for rest and relaxation, a natural style that combines various textures such as stone or wood with the presence of plants is a safe bet.

Design elements

Kimberley Oak 20×114 cm. 

Once the style of the terrace has been established through the choice of floors and walls, design elements such as chairs, tables, and cushions help create a warm and welcoming environment to spend time with friends and family.

Continuity with the interior

Bentonhome Pearl 60×120 cm. ― Flooring: Bentonhome Pearl 60×120 cm 

When choosing a style for the flooring and cladding of an outdoor area, a very interesting resource is to give continuity to the style of the room that connects with the interior. This way, an integrative visual effect is achieved that conveys coherence and harmony.

Durable floors

Tuscany Bone 120×120 cm espesorado anti-slip

In addition to aesthetic criteria, a very important element to consider in terrace design is its durability. As it is exposed to environmental conditions, it is essential to use specific materials that are resistant and reliable in the long term. AB has recently developed a series of 20 mm thick porcelain models that are perfect for outdoor use.

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