NEW PRODUCT: 60×120 cm. white body tiles

7 December, 2022

At Azulejos Benadresa we are always in a constant search for innovation in our products to always offer new solutions to the market. One of the latest novelties is the launch of white body models in 60×120 cm., a format that increases the size compared to the previous 40×120 cm. to cover walls in a more homogeneous and integrating way, reducing the presence of joints. These are the novelties of AB in this new type of product.


Wall: Halima Blanc 60×120 cm., Fleur Halima Blanc 60×120 cm., Verse Halima Argile 60×120 cm. ― Floor: Irham Gris Natural 80×80 cm. Rectificado

Colors, textures and decorative motifs. Halima is a series that contains a world of possibilities in its interesting variety of models for wall tiling in 60×120 cm.


Wall: Nobile Greige 33,3×100 cm. Kingstone Cream 33,3×100 cm. ― Floor: Kingstone Cream 60x 120 cm.

The incomparable natural beauty of wood and its welcoming warmth take shape in a highly versatile collection. Porcelain, white body and reliefs in three formats and three colours: a universe of possibilities.


Wall: Stryn 60 x 120 cm. , Feels Stryn 60×120 ― Floor: Promenade Cendre 120×120 cm.

Stryn is a white body series that takes advantage of the purity of white to combine with a wide variety of embossed models and floral decorations. A collection full of possibilities for interior covering.

If you want to know more about these and other AB collections, we invite you to visit our product page and download our catalogues, with images and complete information on each model.