Summer 2024: ideas for terrace design

1 July, 2024

With the arrival of summer, it’s the perfect time to enjoy terraces as a pleasant, cozy, and functional space.

This year, trends offer a mix of styles and materials that promise to satisfy all tastes. In this article, we present five key ideas for terrace design that will set the trend this season.

1. Continuity between indoors and outdoors

One of the most prominent trends for this summer, although it has been strong for several years, is the perfect integration between indoor and outdoor spaces through the use of ceramic flooring and coverings. By choosing the same type of tile for both environments, a sense of visual continuity and space expansion is created.

Bentonhome Pearl 60 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Bentonhome Pearl 60 x 120 cm.

Neutral tones and natural textures in ceramics not only provide elegance and uniformity but are also practical and easy to maintain. This approach is ideal for those seeking a cohesive and modern design that blurs the boundaries between home and nature.

2. Minimalist style

Minimalism remains a strong trend in terrace design in 2024, although it has never really gone away. Simplicity and functionality; in a minimalist terrace, less is more. Opt for furniture with clean lines and neutral colors like white, gray, and black.

Piatra Sand 80 x 160 cm. ― Flooring: Piatra Sand 80 x 160 cm.

Keep the decoration to a minimum, choosing key pieces that add style without overloading the space.

3. Wood, a timeless resource

Wood never goes out of style, and this summer is no exception. Whether in furniture, floors, or decorative details, it is a resource that brings warmth and a very cozy feeling to any terrace.

Oldwood Castaño 20 x 120 cm.

The versatility of this material allows it to be easily combined with other elements such as metal and ceramics, creating harmonious and character-filled spaces.

4. Biophilic design

Biophilic design, which aims to reconnect people with nature, is a rising trend for this summer, and generally in 2024. Incorporating plants, vertical gardens, and natural elements into the terrace not only improves aesthetics but also promotes well-being.

Nickon Taupe 60 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Nickon Taupe 60 x 60 cm.

Use a variety of plants to create a green oasis, combining them with natural materials such as stone and wood to reinforce the connection with the natural environment. If you want to know more about biophilic design, click here.

5. Industrial style

For those who prefer a more urban and contemporary look, industrial style is the most suitable choice. Characterized by the use of materials such as metal, concrete, and recycled wood, this style brings a modern and functional air to the terrace.

Rhodium Steel 60 x 120 cm. ― Flooring: Rhodium Steel 120 x 120 cm.

Gray and black tones along with aged finishes complete this look, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity.

Whatever your style, there is a terrace design trend that fits your style and needs. It’s time to transform your outdoor spaces into the perfect retreat to enjoy sunny days.