‘The beauty of the origins’: AB presents at Cevisama its new collections inspired by natural materials

27 February, 2023

AB (Azulejos Benadresa) returns to showcase its latest products at Cevisama, marking its return to one of the world’s most important ceramic events two years after its last edition. The stand, a 237 m² exhibition space located on Level 2 Pavilion 2 Stand: B37, features AB’s latest collections and captures the beauty of natural textures through a journey through its different formats, colors, decorations and reliefs.

The beauty of origins

Wall: Promenade Creme 260×120 cm. ― Floor: Promenade Creme 120×120 cm.

Under the slogan The beauty of origins, AB rescues the essence of natural materials. Timeless inspirations that are a meeting point between design and nature and that accentuate the most decorative aspect of ceramics. New collections inspired by marble, stone, wood, metals and cement exhibited in a design stand that highlights the essence of the most natural aesthetics.

Wall tiles, now in 60×120 cm size

Wall tiles: Halima Blanc 60 x 120 cm., Fleur Halima Blanc 60 x 120 cm., Verse Halima Argile 60 x 120 cm. ― Floor: Irham Gris Natural 80 x 160 cm. Rectificado

In response to the growing market demand for larger wall tiles, AB will be attending this edition of Cevisama with new models of white body tiles in 60×120 cm rectified format. An ambitious launch that expands the largest format that existed to date for cladding, 40×120 cm. rectified, reaffirming the company’s commitment to listen to the needs of its customers.

This new format is presented with two basics, Halima and Stryn; and one wood, Nobile. In the case of the basics, these are series that offer different possibilities through monochromatic, reliefs and floral decorations. As for Nobile, it is a very complete wood-inspired collection, with three very bright colors, models for flooring and a wide variety of reliefs for cladding.

SLIM, thin porcelain tiles

Wall tiles: Siena White Pulido Slim 60 x 120 cm ― Floor: Siena White Pulido Slim 60 x 120 cm.

Another of the most outstanding novelties that AB shows in its stand for this new edition of Cevisama are the models of thin porcelain tiles. Products that keep the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the highest quality ceramics by reducing the thickness, which allows to reduce logistic costs and work directly on already laid material.

For this new product typology, AB presents a series of elegant marbles in a variety of different styles: Bohemian, Delos, Fantasy, Pisaand Siena, in both natural and polished finishes.

Thickened porcelain tile for outdoor use

Pavimento: Tuscany Pearl 120×120 cm. Espesorado Anti-slip

In contrast to the previous proposal, AB also presents new models of thickened porcelain tiles. These 20 mm thick pieces are perfect for outdoor use thanks to their strength, durability and non-slip finish. These features are available in three formats, 80×80 cm, 60×120 cm and 120×120 cm, to complete two of the new series: Tuscany and Promenade. Two collections inspired by stone that extract the hardness and natural beauty of this timeless material and put them at the service of the design of outdoor areas.

In addition to those already mentioned, other collections such as Indi Black, Kingstone, Pietra Antica, Rapsody, Rhodium or Timelesswood will also be present at the AB stand, completing the brand’s proposal at this edition of Cevisama.