The traditional charm of small format ceramic tiles

2 June, 2022

Trends, like almost everything, are cyclical. In terms of design, aesthetics from the past are always rescued, revised and brought to the present to recover the essence of other times. Small-format ceramics reconcile us with the subtle and decorative style of traditional tiles, one that reminds us of the value of craftsmanship and the care for detail that is not represented in large formats. The proposals of Azulejos Benadresa in small format are included in the XSAB range, a product with roots that has more traditional designs and others of a contemporary style, but maintaining the incredible technical performance of the latest generation ceramics. These are some of the possibilities offered by small format pieces.

Multiple inspirations

The evolution in the manufacturing and enameling processes of ceramic tiles has given designs a versatility unthinkable in their origins. Today it is possible to find small ceramic pieces that are inspired both by traditional hydraulic tile designs and by other materials: cement, marble, stone…

This, together with the enormous placement possibilities offered by small formats, make them a decorative element of great value, capable of creating aesthetic compositions and transmitting the visual attributes of the different construction materials.

Shinn Karelian Pearl 15×15 cm / Sheldon 15×30 cm / Tavi Tessino Ivory 15×15 cm

The return of the hydraulic tile

As we have mentioned, designs inspired by traditional hydraulic tiles are a trend that has never really gone out of style. Generally very colorful tiles with very creative and lively decorative patterns.

Once again, the improvement of the production processes allows transferring all kinds of effects and styles to the pieces. You can find, for example, small-format ceramics inspired by hydraulic tiles with a worn effect, which accentuates the feeling of longevity, which otherwise could only be provided by the passage of time.

Kent Brisbane Artic 15×15 cm / Cementine Evoke Cream 25×25 cm

Karma, a world of possibilities

One of AB’s latest proposals in terms of small-format ceramics is Karma. An exceptional collection that pushes the versatility of the small piece to the limit thanks to an inspiration in marble that comes in up to eight colours.

Karma 7,5×30 cm

The XSAB catalog has this and 21 other collections, with proposals in white body in 15×30 cm, 15×15 cm, 7.5×30 cm and 25×25 cm formats. We invite you to take a look at the catalog and find the perfect solution for your project on our product page.