Trend: continuity to connect indoors and outdoors

4 June, 2022

Coherence is one of the most important criteria to follow when creating aesthetic and design spaces. One of the great challenges is taking care of the transitions from one space to another, a process in which contrasts are often created and break with harmony. Regarding the connections between indoors and outdoors areas, it is becoming more and more common for designers to conceive hybrid ambients that share the same aesthetic line to give continuity to the style and that the passage from one room to another is smooth and natural. These are some of the keys to create continuity with gardens and terraces, an unmissable trend this season.

Forever 20×120 cm

The flooring is the essential element to spot on this type of transitions. Designing annexed indoors and outdoors that share the same ceramic collection is the best way to enhance harmony between rooms, although it also contributes to this that they are spacious environments, full of light and with large windows and access areas so that the separation is almost inexistent.

Spazio Teak 20×120 cm

Being in contact with outdoors ambients, transitions cannot be carried out with marble or other inspirations and designs that are more associated with interior design. Here, natural-looking inspirations such as wood are perfect, since they usually have neutral colors and are easily integrated with the decoration with the use of vegetation and other natural textures.

Reims 240×120 cm

But this integrating aesthetic is not only achieved through ceramics inspired by nature. In this case, the concrete effect of Reims not only manages to give coherence to the connection between the living room and the terrace, but also takes over the façade, this time in another color, to create a unique harmony between the different elements of the home.

It is time to take maximum care of transitions to create pleasant connections between indoor and outdoor areas under the same aesthetic line. Discover the possibilities of the AB collections in our general catalog and on our product page to find the perfect solution.